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Art market

for native app

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For art lovers who want quality and affordable
prices around the corner.


Creating a mobile marketplace for artists to sell their artwork without art galleries, and facilitate art lovers to easily purchase art at a transparent and honest price.

A lot of art market apps are dealing with very famous artists at high prices. They aren’t necessarily representing the local cultural art scene.


UI student project using iOS and Android design guidelines to bring mobile design patterns, layouts and interactions throughout wireframe, design and prototype.

Create a high-hand, minimal and user-friendly art marketplace for native mobile apps.

Enhancing the cultural and the local art market in a city with qualitatively attractive artworks.

Tasks performed


  • Competitor Analysis

  • Wireframe

  • User flow

  • Style

  • UI design for native app

  • Prototype

  • Prototype testing


UI design




1 month (Part-time)


Investigating design solutions from other apps and designs.

Deliver native app UI patterns, customizable from iOS Human Design Guidelines & Android Material Design Guidelines.

Learning and understanding Auto Layout on Figma to create customizable and easy-to-use UI patterns.

Developing an intuitive navigation and payment checkout process. Based on heuristic principles.


A high-fidelity wireframe prototype was tested on 5 participants. Minor feedback regarding UI elements placement and flow was incorporated into the final product.

Android version

Main Screens & Key Features

Minimalist interface, clear and smooth navigation for better focus on the artworks.
Recognizable visual elements for the user to always stay on track during the payment checkout process.

IOS version

  • Local & trending artists’ artworks.

  • Popular categories.

Users can jump to their favourite art categories and access fitted results.

IOS version

Example of a result when a category is selected.

Tap on the image and access the artwork's information.

❤️ an artwork and it is saved in the user wishlist.

This helps to keep a continuous scroll on the same page without interruption and to discover exciting art.

IOS version

The filter helps to adjust the search for different purchase needs and limits cognitive overloads.
UI Accordion-style to keep information well organized and neat, reached out with minimal steps.


checkout 2.png

To give the user each of the payment steps:

  • Graphical representation and a clear checkout process.

  • An overview of the payment redistribution secure & private

  • Delivery services options; Payment option.

IOS version




Colour palette

Native fonts






Checkout process

Payment method


Process of low to mid-fidelity wireframes

User flow diagram

Final design



This project allowed me to get familiar with iOS and Android design guidelines, and to get better and quicker when executing the mobile UI design; thanks to the layout automation; I could get a deliverable, reusable design system and optimized time management.

Also during the testing process, the feedbacks were very minor, therefore encouraging me regarding usability and flow.
I’m still missing a step during the user flow process, having too many ideas at the same time; I’m losing the important Key features and design solutions that would stand out from existing apps.


Keys to take away

Spend extra time reproducing and sketching other designs to learn and integrate designs more intuitively.

Getting feedback from peers and colleagues earlier in the process.

More prototyping to get a realistic user flow.

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Thank you for reading !

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