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I’m Yoann, a UI/ UX designer based in Berlin.

Passionate about creating product designs that prioritize sharpness of usability, visual experience and pleasing innovation.

With my extensive years of experience in art, design, fashion and music. I have embraced my curious nature to work with diversified teams and developed strong interpersonal and listening skills.

I designed visual and sonic experiences for music companies, record labels, contemporary dance and fashion brands, allowing me to work conceptually within a holistic approach, engaging users and increasing brand awareness. I’ve also learned to prioritize and value the needs of the collaborator, client and stakeholder while staying open-minded and adapting quickly.

I led customer service and sales teams for retail fashion brands, which taught me how to define problems and find satisfying solutions, always empathizing with users/customers and keeping a user-centred approach in mind. I also improved on sales strategies and sales experiences, based on KPIs analysis, data reporting, customer behaviours and feedback.

Which has led me to deepen my professional knowledge through training in UI/UX design where I've learned savvy design tools and principles, as well as have developed strong visual user-centric and UX design thinking approaches.

I have developed a passion for product design because it offers many opportunities for learning, Design thinking and problem-solving processes and collaborating knowledge.


In my free time, I like to emerge myself by experimenting and producing music, cooking, hiking to reconnect with nature, gathering inspiration with friends and spending time with dogs.

I speak French, German, English and basic Spanish.

If you want to contact me, write me an email at ypisterman[dot]design[at]gmail[dot]com or connect with me on Linkedin.

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