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"Almost Religious" is a piece of music in 3 movements, that reflect the stages of sonic storm simulacra.

The process of tuning an instrument, marking unintended breaks. The essence of the notes goes lost in a large space. The accumulation of these leak points turns into a sound background storm that culminates in the 2nd movement. The 3rd movement becomes the reminiscence after the storm.

This project crosses 2 parts of my musical practice: colliding with the reverberation of soundscape and melodic elements; which are creating a mesmerizing "almost religious" storm sonic experience.

Composed by Yoann Pisterman
Produced, mixed and engineered by Andrew Claristidge
Mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall Studio
Art: Yoann Pisterman / Layout: Tom Ng

Video: Karolina Szymura

Bié records, all rights reserved

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