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Water Groove

Debut album on Bytes London UK

Water Groove is an impressionistic sound journey into waves, frequencies and electronic resonance. Yoann employs loops and repetitive patterns, interwoven between drones and melodic elements, to create magical, transportative music with echoes of the classic Japanese ambient and New Age music of the Eighties and the trippy Kosmische of 1970s Germany. It’s a tribute to some of Pisterman’s musical influences that, in his words, have “reached a cosmic sound quality”, such as Hans-Joachim Roedelius, François de Roubaix, Geinoh Yamashirogumi and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Water Groove is a calm and airy album, a relaxing, mesmerising voyage into Yoann’s joyful sonic ecosystem. For recording he used a reduced set up comprising a Korg Volca FM synthesizer, a Korg Minilogue and a Doepfer Dark Energy, along with samples and field recordings that were rearranged within a DAW (digital audio workstation). At the end of the composition process Yoann asked Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed) to mix the album in his full analog studio in order to give space, dynamics and organic shapes.

In common with the Japanese ambient artists of that golden period there is a strong connection between Yoann’s music and architecture. The artwork is taken from a study by Yoann of landscape architecture, a series of visions and reflections put down using ink on paper. Whereas Yoann’s sonic palette is broad and colourful, for the artwork he has reduced his tools and the process. The aim was to make the person looking at it more observant, with the colours in the imagination of the beholder. 


releases June 25, 2021

Composed by Yoann Pisterman
Produced, mixed and engineered by Andrew Claristidge
Mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall Studio
The visuals are part of the series called “Jardins” 2018; ink on paper, by Yoann Pisterman
Video: Karolina Szymura
Layout by Graeme Swinton at Actually


Remix Ep

on Bytes

A remix EP featuring reinterpretations of tracks from Water Groove (BYTES10), the stunning debut album from the French-born, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist composer and visual artist Yoann Pisterman, which was released last year.

The album was an impressionistic sound journey into waves, frequencies and electronic resonance, and the four remixes - from Daniel 'Flug 8' Herrmann, Acid Washed, Enrique Leon (aka ELO) and Lunar Orbit Rendezvous - complement and enhance Pisterman's vision.


released February 18, 2022

Original tracks written and produced by Yoann Pisterman
Artwork by Yoann Pisterman
(p) and © Bytes 2022
Mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall

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