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Hi, I'm Yoann, UI/UX Designer.
Focusing on user experience' feel and usability of digital products for companies that care about meaningful and sustainable approaches.

Former visual and sound artist / retail manager and training coordinator. I thrive in collaborative and creative environments. Passionate about Design thinking systems to transform complex processes into engaging, seamless and delightful experiences.


Featured Case study

MountainBackground 1.png
summit transparant screen.png
summit logo 2.png

Anyone can save money.

UI design
Case study, 2021

A financial saving-money mobile app made for non-tech user.


UI challenge
Note taking app

UI design
Case study, 2021

Note is a note-taking app inspired by Apple design system and Dieter Rams design principles, with some enhancement features. Building a clean interface with minimal requirements in less than 6 hours.

Note taking app
note logo.png

Music mobile app

Logo 80's.png
screen 1.png
screnn 2.png

UI design Case study 2021

80's music app, is a music app, that allows users to listen to their 80's favourite songs and discover new 80's inspired music from today.

Retro-futuristic music mobile app

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